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Stephanie Seymour squirts in hot fuck action

Monday, November 7th, 2016

There is no acting here, only hardcore action between Stephanie Seymour and her BBC lover. Filming herself as she sucks and fucks rough, enjoying a massive black dick on cam, it’s everything she ever wanted since she was a slutty 16-year old. She’s been sleeping around at a young age but was too scared of a huge dick plowing that delicate cunt but not anymore. Nowadays she only settle for the biggest dicks that could make her squirt loads, which could only mean she’s pleased the way she wanted to.

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Sultry Stephanie Seymour fucking her wet cunt

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Stephanie Seymour is one slutty chick. At 16, she was already dating older men and she even ended up having a relationship with a married dude, head of some modelling agency. She likes them huge and experienced and can please her without restrictions. She has slept with a bunch of these hunks and always has something nice to gift them after one hot night with them. This masturbation video is an example of these tokens that she gives away. Exposing her big round tits and sexy naked body while playing with her cunt, it’s easy to understand why these pervs are all over her.

She doesn’t give a damn as to who catches her doing her dirty deeds as long as they would enjoy what they’re watching, so much so, that they will find themselves jacking off and cumming hard to her sleazy activities on webcam. Nobody will know who taught her to become the skank that she is now, but we’re glad she ain’t one of ’em boring sweet sixteens of her time who still has boyband crushes and swooning over sex studs wannabes with limp 4-inch dicks between their hairless legs.

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Stephanie Seymour’s Luscious Breasts

Friday, August 6th, 2010

sexy stephanie seymour breasts

Even though she’s past forty and already a mother, Stephanie Seymour’s front assets remain voluptuous and fantastic to look at. And after she had given birth, her breasts just became bigger and yummier. This hot brunette was a leading supermodel back during her heydays in the nineties. Truly awe-inspiring, her boobs are showcased in these sample pictures from the Stephanie Seymour Gallery.

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